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The most popular shapes for hot air balloons are what are called, the “teardrops,” as they resemble inverted teardrops. Many of the so-called passenger hot air balloons fall into this group. Next are the elliptical which are sleek in appearance coming to a point at the top and bottom. They are very popular with most of the challenge events at the Fiesta. Lastly, the spherical one which are used for endurance events. These are usually filled with hydrogen.

There are a few competitions during the day with both the ellipticals and teardrops locked in fierce battles. One challenge is closest to the pin where each pilot maneuvers his balloon so that a powder-filled packet is dropped closet to the center of the circle. The other event is where the teardrops try to unhook a ring from a free-standing pole. Trying to maneuver these lighter-than-air objects is a challenge in itself!one pilot

One of the annual events is the Gordon Beard for duration. One pilot had managed to stay afloat for ninety-two hours while another captured the longest distance with just over 2100 miles. The Americans Challenge has a duration record time of 71 hours and 2200 miles for distance. Generally, the spherical are entered here. These balloons stand out from the others as they are more rounded than the teardrops or ellipticals.
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