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ABQ V - the Glow-deo

Every evening, weather permitting, those on the grounds are afforded a most special treat - the “Glow-deo!”

The pilots return for an evening festival of light! The burners are fired up and the results are magical. Those special shapes like “Tweety” or “Little Bees” are aglow! As a photographer trying to capture the magic on film, I did not know where to stand! Everywhere I turned another one was filled with warm colors and one just beyond that and another over there!

Soon I realized to get the maximum benefit I would have to move and do so quickly. Although the glowing skyline is another world, the pilots only do this for a short period of time. At one point they did a count down so the lighted balloons could be in synch! Some inflatables were lighting up and dimming to the rhythm of the background music.

It was a celebration for the senses!
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