Doug Moore(non-registered)
Hi Joe:

Awesome photos. I am awed by your talent. Thanks for sharing your art.
Joe, I finally figured out that I could access your work through the Easter cards you sent, so I,be checked out covered bridges and lighthouses. GREAT! Two of my favorite scenic subjects!
Dyanne Gardiner(non-registered)
What a great photographic collection of covered bridges “Just Joe”......beautifully done!
Marty Reynolds(non-registered)
Really nice site Joe! Love your shots -it's going to take some time to get through them all!
Kevin Hynes(non-registered)
You accomplished your mission...these shots are absolutely breath taking!
Glenn Mathison(non-registered)
Hi Joe,

I finally got around to looking at your web site and blog entries after we met in The Grand Canyon during September. I enjoyed our conversations there and it looks like you continue to travel around seeing and shooting amazing scenery. If you are ever 'Down under" may sure you look me up. I always have a spare room available for travellers :-)

As an outcome of our meetings, I'm looking at the 8mm lens on Amazon and giving some though to purchasing one for a bit of fun. I wonder if you have any images shot with that lens to share?

I'm working to finish the post-processing of my own images from the week I spent in the Utah/Arizona/Utah area and I continue to be absolutely amazed at the natural beauty that was on show there. Spectacular is not quite descriptive enough for that part of the world.

Best Wishes
Dorothy Burdette(non-registered)
Stunning! Absolutely stunning photographs!!! What a pleasure it was to have met you while on your travels and what a treat for me to enjoy your artistic eye through your pics.
Wow! Love the old school car photos! They certainly aren't made the way the used to be! Nice Joe!
Phyllis Mellon(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing Love you Pictures and You have touched my heart by viewing the Especially the pictures of Italy the beautiful country where i was born. Thank you Again
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